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It should come as no surprise that Roniit originally hails from the majestic mountains of Colorado. Much like the sweeping environment of where she grew up, her music surrounds and cradles you in its soul-searching mystery, ethereal beauty, and epic atmosphere.   

As an independent songwriter, visual artist, and vocalist, Roniit digs deep from within for her songs, capturing the hearts and spirits of listeners with her soul-baring lyrics. The “metal head-turned-dark electronica songstress” (Interview, 2015) crafts bewitching, eerie electro-pop with a dark sensibility, a mood and aesthetic that seeps not only into her sound but into her enchanting visuals as well.   

In 2015, the brooding songstress landed a major placement for her single, “Runaway” (produced by Varien) in the U.S. theatrical trailer for the James Marsden-starring thrilled, The Loft. A few months later, Interview magazine premiered the official music video for the same song, and the “pop sorceress” was featured on the cover of Auxiliary magazine’s Spring 2015 music issue. Last year Roniit landed a cover of “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole in the Hollywood thriller “Unforgettable” featuring Katherine Heigl. One month later she came out with her “Roniit Silk Vocals” sample pack on Splice. Most recently her song “Lost At Sea” was featured in the May 2017 commercial for the show Nashville.

As 2017 unfolds Roniit is slated to release several new self-produced singles and visuals.




Roniit - Not Afraid Anymore

Roniit x Killstar - The Beautiful People

Roniit - Through The Night (Acoustic)

Roniit - Runaway

Roniit - Rise

Roniit - Love Fool

Roniit - Through The Night

Roniit - Halo


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